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Full Body Licious: Fitness Exercise Plan Program For Women

Full Body LiciousFull Body Licious Fitness Workouts is design for women alone, this gives you a specialized program on shredding extra weight while building the strength you need while doing so. With this program, you can also be sure that nothing is impossible if you work it out for yourself. Furthermore, this will give you a step by step system to follow to achieve desired body figure.

Created by Flavia Del Monte, a registered nurse and a well-known fitness coach, Full Body Licious is a complete fitness program that provides a new approach for ladies’ fitness and focus on sculpting the woman’s muscle tissues while getting rid of the stubborn layer of fats overlaying them simultaneously in an effort to get the "fitness model" shape by natural means and without having huge bulky muscles.

According to Flavia Del Monte’s statements this exact program helped her to minimize her own body fats from about 18% to only 13.5% in under ten weeks and she guarantees that by following the Full-Body-Licious system you’ll be able to get similar final results and to remove more fats in the next weeks than you ever have in the past.

The exercise plan program for women is a full body 5-day workout program consisting of intelligently designed 60-minute fat loss workouts to slim down or shape up. Each week cycles through five different full body workouts and each workout gives extra attention to key body parts that contribute to a flawless figure. By the end of the week you’ve hit all your major muscle groups five times with multiple angles, exercises and "advanced" fat burning techniques and tricks.

Every single detail is based on strategy and science and a female’s body structure. Each workout was carefully designed to 1) maximize metabolism 2) destroy fat and 3) reshape your muscles in the safest and most efficient manner. Each workout builds on the previous one and rooted in the proven F.O.R.C.E. formula just for females.

Fitness For WomenWith Flavia’s F.O.R.C.E. Principles for a tight figure you will be on your way to having a sexy body in no time. First, you need to know what F.O.R.C.E. stands for.

  • F stand for Frequent Full Body Workouts. These are simple fast paced exercises to help you slim down quickly. It does not require any weight lifting, but it helps you gain that sexy hourglass figure.
  • O stands for Organized Overload. This means the workouts that you do are organized and structured around strategies for your body structure. This gives you consistent and measurable results and noticeable progress each and every week.
  • R is for Radical & Rapid Movements for Rapid Results. This helps you look good naked by setting up certain days for working on your arms, shoulders, thighs, butt, and your mid section. You want to do this to attack your fast twitch muscle fiber.
  • C stands for Challenging Cardio-Core Workout. This fitness workout is not for the faint or should I say, weak women. You will be combining belly blasting exercises with fat burning cardio exercises to work on those two areas of your body at the same time.
  • E stands for Exceeding Your Expectations With Extreme Metabolic “Disturbance And Debt. This means you will be pushing yourself to extreme exhaustion to get the type of body you want and deserve.

The reason you will not and can not fail is, the F.O.R.C.E. formula is not easy, in fact it is hard, which is why you will not fail at gaining the body you want. If you are a busy mom or a college student, you can have the perfect body you desire if you follow the Full Body Licious women fitness program.

This female fitness exercises come with six online videos each one consisting of different exercises that aim at different areas of your body. Simply follow along with as Flavia shows you how each fitness exercises is done.

Here’s the areas you will be targeting:

1. Your thighs
2. Stomach
3. Butt
4. Shoulders
5. Backside
6. and a printable workout sheet

It’s a complete online video series packed with fat busting exercises to whip your body into shape quickly. Flavia Del Monte’s Full Body Licious is new to the fitness crave and it is helping women gain more confidence in themselves.

The plan also has simple to follow steps. The video based workout demonstrates each move, and Flavia guides women through the routines. Each DVD also comes with a printable worksheet, pictures, and summaries, making things even easier to follow. Another great benefit is that you do not have to buy fancy or pricey equipment. All that is required is a set of dumbbells (women can use anything weighted at 5 to 15 pounds if they do not want to spend the money), some resistance bands, and a stability ball – nothing more.

In my opinion, Flavia Del Monte’s Full Body Licious program is a well designed female fitness program for a woman who is in the pursuit of a well shaped body. Though it requires commitment to the program, I can say that every serious program needs so. Sculpting your physique is not easy task. If you are ready to provide what it takes to be fit, Flavia’s full body training program is a perfect match for you and will surely elevate you to the next level in your fitness goal.

Women Exercise Plan

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